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Health Benefits of Tabasheer / Tabachir / Banslochan/Bamboo manna

I know Tabasheer just because of my Mother-in-law.Sometimes she applies it on her tongue, when she is unable to eat due to sore tongue.
 tabasheer is a versatile, highly demanded substance described to be cold in nature and sweet in taste.Tabasheer is a hard, whitish, translucent substance extracted from the joints of bamboo. Consisting chiefly of pure silica, this opal-like herbaceous gem is highly valued in the East for medicinal purposes.



Medicinal Uses

  • aphrodisiac in Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cultures.
  • asthma treatment calms mind and benefits eyes childhood convulsive disease clears away heat and cools the blood.
  • clears obscuration from the heart, mind, and lungs.
  • coma and stroke rehabilitation.
  • cooling tonic irritability and sleeplessness.
  • medicine for the cure of bilious vomiting, bloody flux, piles, and various other diseases in the East Indies.
  • poison antidote.
  • relieves cough and eliminates phlegm.
  • stimulant treats and cures paralytic complaints in Indian culture.
  • treats spasms and convulsions due to phlegm.
The great interest of Tabashir in phytotherapy is due to its silica content (97%). Silica is one of the most important components of the connective tissue: cartilage, articulation tendons, and some elements of the arterial walls, skin, hair and nails. Besides silica, Tabashir contains iron, calcium, choline and betaine.

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